Susanna Sculptured Candle – Quietude


Susanna means “Lily, Joy or True Beauty”.
Contemporary yet timeless, Susanna is a true design treat that effortlessly accentuates your interiors and bestows a unique contemporary feel to any space.
Whether you prefer to light it or preserve it as a sculptural accent, the twisted and curvy forms serve as three-dimensional art, making it an elegant addition to your everyday décor.
Place it on your bookshelf, coffee table, nightstand and more as a stylish statement piece or light it and let the warm glow create an intimate and soothing atmosphere.
The flame will beautifully illuminate your surrounding while the transient nature of the hand-poured natural soy wax combined with the fun sculpture form will create an art piece that melts and transforms over time.
10.5 x 8 cm


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