The Sand Watering Can 4L


The Sand Watering Can (small)

This diamond-shaped white little gem will bring a touch of sophistication to any room or balcony.


Our small watering can is exclusively designed for the indoors and comes in four exciting colors. For an elegant touch, the watering can features a brass button embossed with the Garden Glory logo. Made in Sweden.


Height: 32 cm/ 13 inches
Width incl. spout: 42 cm/ 17 inches
Volume: 4 liters/ 1 gallon

Sand Watering Can 8L

The beautiful diamond watering can will be the crown jewel of any garden. Either as a stand-alone centerpiece, or as the one object that ties the garden together.DESIGNThis exquisitely diamond shaped plastic watering can in soft warm beige holds up to 8 liters of water and is extremely durable. Made and designed in Sweden. No more rusting or heavy cans…


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